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2115 Dickerson Rd,

Reno, NV 89503


Dickerson store closed for the season

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 Strange Bikinis | Reno, NV |

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The Least Basic, Sexy Halloween Costume


Dying to make use of cool makeup, and show some skin… without being uber predictable? Welcome, ladies, to Halloween in 2016. Luckily, we came up with a total banger, particularly for a Stranger, that is simple yet saucy. The recipe? Monokini + glitter + fun hair = GOLDFISH BABE. Really, you can be any kind of fish you like (Tigerfish, Betafish, Dori Fish…), just check out the essentials below to get the look!



Base: Your favorite one piece

Makeup: Fishnets and facepaint, with iridescent glitter

Hair: 3 baby buns made to look like fins, complete with tulle (which you can buy at any craftstore)

Music: Make sure you sing Under The Sea in Sebastian’s voice while getting ready, otherwise it’s just not the same.



And while we know that fish are friends, not food, no promises you won't be looking tasty (;




Happy Halloweening Strangers