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Even though it's not Summer...Still got things to be thankful for


There’s a lot to be thankful for this time of year. Whether your gratitude this holiday season is towards family, personal achievements, or looking forward to leaving this year behind, we can all relate in some way. Personally, I’m just thankful for the banana cream pie I’m about to smash on this week without having to worry about keeping my summer bod tight. If your reason to celebrate has anything to do with the changing of the seasons, here is my top five things to be thankful for. Share in the joy that is all things we no longer need to worry about because winter is coming…




1. Not having to shave. Don’t get me wrong, I love rocking designer swimwear  in the summer, but ah… the freedom that is being fearlessly furry.  While some are locking it down with their significant other for the holidays, and others are taking luxury trips to warmer destinations, the rest of us can revel in the privilege of not spending money on razors and waxes, shamelessly wearing jeans and long sleeves to bundle up our bushes, and competing with our sisters/roommates to see whose luscious leg locks can last the longest. Thank you cold weather.


2.Wearing black without being assumed to be on your way to a séance every day. (I for one, like to think of myself as more of a ninja than a wiccan.)  But for those 90 degree days when black isn’t doing my homeostatic condition any good, my sweat glands are relieved that these cooler winter days make for a cooler body temp, and significantly less sweating.


3.All the bugs retreat to the darkness where they belong! In case you haven’t noticed having not been attacked by mosquitos lately, or shooing flies off your acai bowl, or ducking from killer bees when all you’re trying to do is lay in some lavender beds, the reason is winter. THANK YOU MOTHER EARTH for giving us a break! Honestly, Thanksgiving would not be the same if we had to worry about gnats on nana’s cranberry sauce.


4.The excuse to eat all the comfort food. Speaking of nana, its really rude to refuse a piece of pie. (Hopefully everyone is offering you pie, because you’re totally unabashedly expected to eat it.) Take this time to thank your summer self with as much stuffing as possible. You earned it. There’s only one season out of the year when people are literally begging you to eat everything, and baby this is your time to shine! Don’t be shy about those leftovers either (; (thanks Mom, I am going to want this later.)


5.Having more time to unwind. When we’re not distracted with endless summer adventures, festivals, parties, and spending money on bikinis, winter gives us the chance to refocus on ourselves. Serious cases of FOMO are statistically proven to decline during the winter months, probably. So this takes off a lot of pressure, and allows us all to wrap up the loose ends of this year. Now that I’m getting fewer invites to attend thirsty Thursdays, my Friday morning opens up for doctors’ appointments that I keep not showing up to, morning Pilates that I’m too hungover for, and coffee dates with this book I’ve been meaning to read. Yay for productivity!


There are definitely way more things to be thankful for this month, but in general lets just be pumped for the annual shift in routine, and the ability to share it with our fellow Strangers. Grateful for everyone who doesn’t judge me for being a walking ball of blankets some mornings and lets me drink my pumpkin spice latte in peace. If you think of a tidbit of gratitude that you’d like to remind us of, let us know in the comments below!


Stay Strange and Happy Holidays!



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