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New Year, New You: The Importance of Keeping Up on Monotony



Making our beds is a daily chore whose power to motivate us we may be take for granted. If you’re one of the 59% of people who statistically don’t make their beds, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about and this blog is going to change your life. (Okay maybe not your whole life but your day, for sure.)

Think about it. Next to actually waking up and conquering your inner kitten’s desire to stay under the covers, making your bed is the first success of the day. Boom, accomplished. Not only does it officially prohibit you from crawling back in while you troll Instagram in the morning, but it serves as a visual representation of getting shit done. Your room looks cleaner, and maybe you’re inspired to fold all your laundry! This one little task is the first step in feeling put together for the day.


Making your bed surely isn’t the only tiny chore you neglect out of lack of accountability. But if doing so spurs such a sense of accomplishment, its very likely that the other chores could have the same effect!  I don’t mean chores like sweeping and dusting, (that what mom’s are for), but things that you can adhere yourself to each day that make a small, but noticeable difference in your daily life.


For example, being uber diligent about taking off your makeup before you go to bed: something we all know we should do, but sometimes don’t care to and definitely regret the next morning. Imagine waking up every day, before making your bed, having already accomplished something: a clean face and not to mention pillowcases. Boom, accomplished.


Got old coffee cups and last weekend’s shoes in the car? (Tell me about it.) Taking the trash out of your car every time you get out is another good habit we can get into in an effort to feel awesome about our ability to conquer daily life. Honestly, this one gets me all the time. But when my car is clean, I genuinely feel like that’s one less thing on my list of things to do that day. I’m also way less stressed when a passenger approaches the door, and I’m not scrambling to throw things in the back seat to avoid looking like I don’t have my life together. Bonus: no more going out to the car barefoot because that’s where I left my gym shoes. Like, what? So easy!


Take a second to think of all the things that constantly pop up on your list of to-do’s… download new music, floss, update calendar, check emails, drink that detox tea. These are all things you can make a priority, that really don’t take much time, and automatically make you feel accomplished. This year, try to crush every day by checking off the little things, thereby making space in your head to focus on the real #goals!


New Year New You

You got this baby.