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Meet Maile, the Ultimate Ambassador



Maile, a Hawaii native, was brought to us by the bikini Goddesses. In 2013, owner and designer Ali Conway took a trip to Hawaii, where she was warmly welcomed by this island beauty. Maile, being the super mega babe she is, froclicked with Ali around the tropical landscape, introducing her to all the picturesque landscapes in which she thrives on the daily. When Maile isn't parading the beautiful beaches of Maui, she's working like a girlboss at Montessori School of Maui. This Stranger lives in the beautiful hillsides of Maui and is always loving her dog hard and her amazing boyfriend Joe.


Read on and get to know Maile, our favorite ambassador:



Personal life: I grew up in Hawaii so bikini season was year round. Single parent household, so I worked in a surf shop to get the beautiful clothing and suits everyone else had. Even though I had access to every type of suit imaginable, but I never really felt sexy in them. It wasn't until Ali made me my first strange bikini where that moment clicked and I was like "I am fucking owning this right now and I am damn sexaaay" hahaha! 


I am nicknamed "Mama Mai" because I am always taking care of everyone, I always have snacks in my bag and I always make sure you have food in your belly and a smile on your face. But this year I am working on self care, learning that sometimes putting myself first is ok. This is a big life lesson for me that I aspire to conquer. 


Travel plans: Joe and I are going to California in May for his family reunion, and we are throwing in a mini national park road trip in the mix! I've always dreamed about Yosemite and now I actually get to go! Renting a car and just going without much of a plan, it's so in invigorating, especially for a professional planner like myself. Yes, I know I live in paradise, but flying off the island is expensive! I think I'll throw in a few winter island staycations, and if we do it right, maybe a 3 week journey through New Zealand this summer.


Favorite things to do: Honestly, my happy place is spending time at the beach with Joe and Duke, where the activities are endless. I try to stay outside until the sun goes down everyday, since I'm at my desk 730-330 (I am officially the development assistant, basically professional fundraiser and event planner, so the few hours outside I go for afternoon hikes or walks on the beach. 


Car Karaoke is my ultimate jam, so commuting to work is my "recording studio". if you carpool with me you are also required to belt out to Rihanna at the top of your lungs! 


I spend hours in our garden, and the feeling you get from growing your own food is indescribable. When I go to the store and see people buying produce I chuckle inside, knowing that if I want a salad, all I have to do is walk to the backyard and pick my greens.



Strange Bikinis to me isn't just swimwear, it's like a body loving movement. I personally have flourished into a woman who appreciates my curves that I was shunned for in high school. My mom is a tiny 5'3 blond little Dutch woman, so growing up, my hips were like these aliens that attached themselves to my body. What I saw in the media was the opposite of what I saw in the mirror. Strange has given me the confidence to rock a bikini around a bunch of models and still feel like the sexiest one in the room. Strange promotes positive body image, because a size 12 girl isn't going to feel confident in something a size 2 model is wearing. Showing that every body is a bikini body. I have friends who I've turned onto strange, friends who also feel the same way and can't fathom wearing anything else. Ali is creating confidence, because that's what you get when you wear a strange bikini, you feel sexy, strong and so damn comfortable without sacrificing style. 


We love Maile because she's so fearlessly herself. Her photos beam genuine enjoyment, and that has everything to do with the fact that its what she embodies! Maile takes her pics in the moment. And the best part? She CONSTANTLY sends them to us! Raw, magical images. 

Knowing that this girl is such a badass chick, Ali takes advantage of the opportunity to bang out fun new designs, for a lady who's undoubtedly always going to rock them. Sometimes our bikinis sell like wildfire after Maile photographs in them and without a doubt that's because Maile is so beautiful inside and out.