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2115 Dickerson Rd,

Reno, NV 89503


Dickerson store closed for the season

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Meet Randi Greene, our Ambassador of the Month


My name is Randi and I'm an adventure-seeking, yoga-doing, food-loving, yogi and new mom who grew up in Irwin, Pennsylvania, a small town on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. I spent most of my younger years participating in sports and playing outdoors with my two older sisters. I loved fishing, camping, and frolicking around in creeks and I guess I was what some may have referred to as a bit of a tomboy : )  I attended Marshall University in West Virginia, where I majored in Sports Management/Marketing, before moving across the country to sunny California.

My bikini love affair definitely began while living in Santa Monica, where the majority of my weekends were spent on the beach, soaking up the sunshine. My only regret about my time in California is that I didn't discover Strange Bikinis until after I had already moved. I currently live on the border of Ohio and West Virginia with my husband, David and our almost four month old son, Quinn.


As a new mom, it can definitely be tempting to want to cover up your body. Having confidence and embracing the skin that you're in is so incredibly important, no matter where you are on your journey! Putting on one of my Strange Bikinis allows me to embrace my new after baby body and helps me feel like a sexy and strong mama!


I began doing (and teaching) yoga three years ago and not long after started documenting my journey on Instagram as a fun way to track my progress. Instagram was where I first laid eyes on Strange Bikinis (thank you IG)! When it's warm outside, there's a good chance you will find me outside in my bikini, probably upside down in a handstand or dancing like no one is watching.  I still enjoy frolicking around in creeks and will be doing a whole lot of it this summer (in my Strange Bikini of course) at "Wild Spirit Yoga Camp," a camp I created for women to take a break from technology and the noise of every day life to spend an unforgettable weekend recharging their souls in the great outdoors! 





Keep up with Randi... follow her at RLG Fitness and find her on Facebook and Instagram