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30 Days Can Change Your Life


Ali & Elena’s unique experiences with a 30-day detox program


Hey Strangers! My name is Elena. I am just a gal who is trying to eat more vegetables, do more squats, and wash her face every day. I am also a friend of #girlboss and founder of Strange Bikinis, Ali Conway. Heard of her?



I recently started up a business with Arbonne and I am on a mission to improve my health and the health of those around me. You may not have heard of Arbonne, that’s because we don’t pay for advertising or celebrity endorsements like many companies do. We are a 38-year old nutrition, skincare & make-up company with Swiss heritage. We are also a network-marketing company, which is awesome because it allows people like myself to make extra money, work my own hours, build a global business on my terms, and help others do the same. Everything Arbonne makes is VEGAN-certified, botanically based, pH correct & hypoallergenic, never tested on animals, free of gluten & GMOs, and free of artificial sugars, dyes & fragrances. Man — that’s a mouthful. Still with me, right? 


Arbonne developed a detox program called “30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond”, and guess what? It’s freakin’ AWESOME. What if I told you that in 30 days you could feel like an entirely different human? That you could have more energy, eliminate brain fog & fatigue, sleep better, decrease inflammation, have clearer skin, AND lose a few inches & pounds along the way? I thought it sounded too good to be true, too. But I am here to tell you that with this program it’s not only possible, but inevitable.



By eliminating “toxic” foods from your diet, incorporating Arbonne’s vegan, soy/gluten/dairy free products, and eating hormonally balanced meals (meaning 50% of your plate is greens, 25% protein, 12.5% healthy fat, and 12.5% carbs) you are able to re-establish a healthy pH in your system and detox your organs. There is no counting calories, this isn’t a starvation cleanse. You can even work out as normal during these 30 days without feeling fatigued or hangry. 


What are those “toxic” foods you might ask? You’re so predictable! They are gluten, dairy, soy, alcohol (what), sugar, coffee (WHAT), vinegar and corn. It sounds scary. It sounds hard. But let me tell you that it isn’t THAT bad. You can do anything for 30 days.


My husband Tim and I have really cut down on our alcohol intake over the past year, so the no-booze thing was a no-big thing. We’ve also been slowly cutting back on the gluten-intake because it’s the cool thing to do. Just kidding — but really, even though it doesn’t effect my digestive system negatively, it totally makes me lethargic and gives me headaches. Going into this, I was mostly concerned about sugar and dairy. Pre-detox you could always find goat cheese, feta crumbles, and an expensive aged gouda in my fridge without fail. I am also one of those people who feels that dessert is necessary after each meal. BUT WHAT ABOUT COFFEE? Once I knew I was doing this cleanse, (about 3 weeks prior) I started slowly cutting back on the coffee so I didn’t get the caffeine headaches from doing it cold-turkey, which I would highly recommend to anyone with a coffee addiction. 


The transition into all of this was surprisingly painless. With the implementation of 1–2 daily shakes and 1–2 energy fizzes, my sugar cravings were taken care. They seriously taste SO good. The energy fizzes have 50-mg of caffeine via green tea extract, so I didn’t get any headaches, but the beautiful thing is that I didn’t have any crashes either. Surprisingly, the hardest thing for me was missing the convenience of bread & tortillas. There’s just something so satisfying about being able to eat something with your hands. 


We don’t eat meat, so we ended up doing this cleanse mostly vegan (we had eggs twice). Although these 30 days did require more meal-prep and cooking than I am used to, I came up with some pretty fancy shit in the kitchen. I am so proud of my new found creativity and recipe development skills . Also, I have truly learned to love my Sundays spent looking for Healthy Living-approved recipes on Pinterest, grocery shopping & prepping my drool-worthy lunches & dinners for the week. 


Tim was skeptical in the beginning but he ended up doin’ the damn thing with me. About half-way through he told me he wanted to continue eating this way after the 30 days were over because we both felt so good. Although we cheated a couple times (we drank once at our friends wedding and had some tortilla chips post-6 mile hike), I would say we stuck to the guidelines 98% of the time for the entire 30 days. And because 30 days is also long enough to instill good habits, we have decided to continue this way of eating with the 80:20 rule.


I know what you’re thinking…Come on, Elena. Cut to the chase. Show me the before & after pics. Tell me how much weight you lost. Tell me how many inches you lost. Let’s see it. Cough it up.